Petar Lefterov

Petar Lefterov

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Umur: 29
Harijadi: 25 Februari

Tentang saya:

A bulgarian boy, raised in Italy, who is moving to Tokyo in a month. I act in a non profit theatre , I play jazz music. I may say that I like all kind of art. One day I'm going to become a teacher. If you would like to find something more about me just stalk me on couchsurfing.


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  • Bulgaria | Penutur asli
  • Itali (Itali) | Penutur asli
  • Inggeris (United Kingdom) | Mahir

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  • Jerman (Jerman) | Tahap pertengahan
  • Finland | Baru mula belajar
  • Jepun | Baru mula belajar