Bahasa Portugis

Laman ini mengandungi pelbagai bahan untuk membantu anda mempelajari Bahasa Portugis. Belajarlah beberapa frasa asas, kembangkan kosa kata anda, atau carilah rakan bahasa untuk membuat latihan.

Mengenai Bahasa Portugis

Portuguese is spoken by over 200 million people worldwide and is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, and several other former Portuguese colonies.

It is a Romance language, descended from Latin, and has much in common grammatically with other Romance languages such as Spanish, Italian, and French.

Kawasan Ribeira, Porto, Portugal

Jadi, mengapakah anda harus belajar Bahasa Portugis?

Portuguese is a major world language and is particularly useful for travellers to Portugal, Brazil, and parts of sub-Saharan Africa.

Portuguese has a rich literature deriving from both Portuguese and Brazilian authors and poets whose work is best appreciated in the original language.

If you speak Portuguese, it will be a great advantage when doing business in any Portuguese-speaking country.

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